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DF: You only started your new Google campaign this week, are you covering your costs so far?
Thomas: Well, surprisingly I am.

I wasn’t expecting it, it takes time to convert and every adwords advertiser understands it. But the conversions are so high that I already earned more than what I spent. With other systems, it took me over a month with the same campaign to start seeing profits; my commission rates were not as high but still, it took a lot of time to become profitable although this is a very good campaign. I have a few ones that I had tried with other white label systems – never worked as expected. I’ll give them a try again with you guys at some point.

Griffin Technologies – CH

We run different affiliate dating sites since 2005. We signed up as a trial partner for the Dating Factory Beta trial about a month ago and switched some of our Italian traffic to the platform. We couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve seen so far. We’ve seen a 100% improvement in conversions from Visitors to Members, which has reassured us a great deal about any possible negative effects from joining a program with a new database.

We’ve now switched off the free membership offers and the payments are rolling in. In fact we were seeing regular payments even when we were giving away free full membership.

The translation of the site, in particular, has been executed very well and is a cut above anything else out there. Also the customer care we are receiving is excellent.

David Venter

Few white label systems went to South Africa hoping for high conversions but no one does it better than Dating Factory so far. I run my sites on different platforms and have lots of good South African domains. I buy traffic and also use some SEO techniques and with Dating Factory I am finally making good money of it.

Max Taylor

After trying several dating networks, none has worked as well as DatingFactory.
Not only the features are more advanced but also the assistance they provide has made the difference. From day one the account manager (Nick Dovgopolyy) was there to answer our questions and provide all the assistance we requested. That surely impacted positively our conversion rate, customer retention as well as revenue.
Looking forward to grow our network further with DatingFactory.
Thank you for everything.

Steve Bolton

I have been developing affiliate dating sites for around two years now, with a number of white label providers. I started with Dating Factory at the start of 2010, and it has been by far the easiest platform to use, with high quality templates, fantastic language options, good niche discreet databases, excellent tracking facilities for PPC conversions and good retention rates for recurring payments experienced so far. The platform is developing all the time with new languages, niches and templates. I like the blog and articles feature, which is kept up to date with very useful tips,which keep you focussed. My Account manager is superb, with very fast turnaround of queries and requests, so great support in growing my business.

Bernd Muller

For three months now, Click4adate have been working to build a successful online dating website, and we are happy to say we are not alone.

Since the launch, we have been so grateful to have the The Dating Factory on our side, providing us with the best tools online to succeed in this competitive industry. The Dating Factory platform is by far the easiest and most user friendly platform we have ever had the pleasure to work with, having dealt with many affiliate programs and platforms in the past, we can safely recommend this platform to everyone.

Building your website, keeping it search engine friendly and maintaining its content is easily done through a content management system, which gives anyone with little or no technical knowledge the ability to plan and execute a basic to advanced dating website in any niche market you can think of. Daily and customizable date reports are available at a touch of a button and you can view everything about your visitors which can give you important information about your marketing practices.

All in all, we give the Dating Factory platform 5 stars and will continue to benefit from a professional product and service.

Kevin Carter

My intention when I purchased my first domain name for online dating, was to also purchase some software and run the entire site myself. However, I quickly found out that a white label solution would suite me better. I signed up for several white label dating providers, tried their webtools, different designs and asked the support staff a lot of questions. However, Dating Factory was the one that really stood out from the crowd with the premium support from Nick and Lisa.

From my very first site that I’ve launched, Nick and Lisa have helped me with every stage in the process. Custom designs, keyword and meta tags suggestions, changing templates, everything has been taken care of and there has never been a “sorry, can’t do that” from either of them.

I’ve decided to focus on the different niches that are available with Dating Factory, and the conversion rates have really astonished me. Payments are now coming regularly and I haven’t regretted a single day that I started working with Dating Factory.

Martin Dagger

I have tried different white label providers over the years and I must say I am impressed with Dating Factory. From the start the account manager (Nick) was there to answer all our questions and provide all the assistance. Superb platform and support.

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